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Grow site traffic | Attract new clients

A guide for wedding professionals with detailed instructions on how YOU can use Pinterest to market YOUR business. Your future clients are on Pinterest. Get them to say "yes" to YOUR wedding services!

Mary Lumley - Pinterest Marketing Consultant

 Mary Lumley 

 Pinterest Marketing Consultant 

Why market YOUR business on Pinterest?

Did you know that 75% of images ('pins') saved on Pinterest come from businesses? A pin lives on for months, even years, compared to a few minutes or hours on Twitter or Facebook. It continues to drive traffic back to your website long after posting it. How's that for ROI?  

According to industry analysts, Pinterest has the potential to drive more sales than Facebook.

Here's what you need to know...


Grow site traffic | Attract new clients

Did you know that Promoted Pins (Pinterest Ads) are the hottest new thing in the U.S.? They have proven to be extremely effective, because Pinterest users share purchase-intent data similar to Google. Pinterest is busy expanding its advertising beyond the US and the roll-out of Promoted Pins in Europe has finally started! So get ahead of the competition! 

Get your Pinterest Business page up and performing in no time!

A 9-page guide to start growing traffic and attract new clients with a Pinterest Business page.

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