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FREE Pinterest Course: 5 Days to Get Ready for Business with Pinterest! Here’s how to create a Pinterest page that will generate traffic and leads. Pinterest for business. #pinterestcourse  #pinteresttips #pinterestforbusiness #borntobesocial

Over the next 5 days, I am going to show you how to create a Pinterest page that brings you business. A page that will turn your content on Pinterest into clicks to your site!

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Mary Lumley, Expert Pinterest

Mary Lumley, Pinterest Expert

Does Pinterest tend to evoke images of home decoration, recipes, bucolic weddings and travel to far-away places for you?

Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg. 
There is so much more to Pinterest than meets the eye.

Especially for business. ANY type of business.

Pinterest is a visual search engine that any kind of business can use to generate traffic and leads.

Your potential clients go to Pinterest to look for inspiration, ideas and advice on all sorts of topics.

Not just recipes and party ideas ;)

So, how are you going to get your products or services in front of the right people on Pinterest?

For starters, you need a Pinterest page that is optimized for search.

I am going to show you the fundamentals of building a Pinterest page that will bring you business.

1 lesson.


Over the next 5 days.

5 days to build the foundations of a successful Pinterest page. 

A page that will generate clicks to your website!

Growing your mailing list, selling your products or services, or giving more visibility to your business, it's all possible with Pinterest, as long as you give yourself the best possible start.

In this Pinterest tutorial, you learn how to build the perfect Pinterest page for your business.

Hi - Thanks for dropping by!

I am Mary Lumley, Pinterest Consultant and founder of BornToBeSocial.

I LOVE helping businesses grow their site traffic and attract new clients through Pinterest. Getting results for my clients is what drives me. Their success is my success!

Mary Lumley | Consultante Pinterest | Envie d'augmenter votre trafic, de convertir avec Pinterest? Contactez-moi !

For several years now, Pinterest has been the centre of my professional universe. I profitably use Pinterest for my own business and I advise other online entrepreneurs on how to market their business on Pinterest. I help them to reach their target audience and get more paying clients. I work with clients in English, French and Dutch. 

Building up your organic search rank on Pinterest takes a while. If, like me, you get started with this before everyone else in Europe does, you will significantly increase your chances of success on Pinterest. Join the first-movers!

Pinterest is quietly gaining momentum in Europe. In 2016, the UK and Ireland were the first in Europe to get access to paid advertising on Pinterest. In November 2018, France was the first non-anglophone country where Pinterest ads were rolled out to all businesses on Pinterest. Other countries are expected to follow suit in 2019.

For now, competition from other advertisers is much lower than other platforms. As a result, ad cost is cheaper since not many businesses are advertising on Pinterest yet. It also makes it much easier to break through the noise and drive targeted traffic to your website.

Better still, when you stop your paid ad, it will stay on Pinterest and continue to drive traffic organically...

Don't be late out of the starting blocks!

What are you waiting for?

Get ready for business today!

"Our results have been fantastic!"

"We have been seeing a lot of movement from Pinterest to our website. I know if I had more time to apply your suggestions, we would be seeing even better results! I just want to say thank you so much for your help and advice!" 

Meg Koett  //  Marketing Manager

"In a short period of time, I went from 30 to 1500 visits per month on my site"

"Pinterest was a bit of a grey area for me. Step by step, Mary helped me to understand the benefits of using Pinterest for my business, as well as the subtleties of using this platform. Social media accounted for roughly 30 site visits per month. In the month of March alone, referral traffic from Pinterest went up to more than 1500 visits. I want to thank Mary for her friendly and professional approach, as well as her availability."

Hervé-Charles Léger  //  Body Image Coach

Image Herve-Charles
Image Solene

"Even with a low number of followers we manage to get sales"

"I discovered your blog on Pinterest and I follow your advice closely to grow our company’s Pinterest account (e-commerce website).
Even with a low number of followers we manage to get sales. Thank you for your work.”

Solène Gignet  //  Product Manager - Marketing & Communication 

"With your help, visits to my site have really increased."  

"Thank you for your advice which truly helped me. With your help, visits to my site have really increased. It’s brilliant!"

Lucie Tillier  //  Image Consultant 

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