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Pay in installments

I accept payment in up to 3 installments for services over 200€. I currently offer the payment options listed below. Follow these steps to reserve and purchase your coaching sessions:

  • Reserve a coaching session via the link that I sent you via e-mail (no payment required).
  • Select the payment plan for the service you wish to purchase, by clicking on the appropriate button below.
  • Once payment of the first installment has been confirmed by PayPal, I will confirm your reservation. Payment is due at least 48 hours before the coaching call you scheduled. If payment is not received on time, your reservation will be cancelled.

Select your service:

If you decide this is not for you, I will refund the remaining sessions. The first call will be charged at 150€ (for 60 min call) or 90€ (for 30 min call) and will be deducted from the total amount you paid.

Mary Lumley - Pinterest Marketing Consultant

Mary Lumley 

I LOVE helping business owners grow their site traffic and attract new clients through Pinterest. I would love to help you get results from Pinterest. That is what drives me. If you're happy, I'm happy!

Let's build your Pinterest success story.

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