Pinterest : Pinboards Are Going Social
Pinboards are going social / Pinterest : Le Pêle-Mêle Virtuel à Dimension Social -

Pinterest : Pinboards Are Going Social

Pinterest : Pinboards Are Going Social – You’ve heard about Pinterest, but you’re not sure what this social network is about. Let me explain. Pinterest was launched in 2010 in the US by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra. It’s a social network based on image sharing. It’s a platform where members can collect, categorise and share images of things they are interested in. The point of Pinterest is to share common interests on virtual notice boards.

The modern pinboard is virtual

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Members share their collections through the creation of boards, like the good old cork notice boards where all sorts of little bits of information are pinned. One day they may come in useful or sometimes they just simply amuse or inspire us. Pinterest lets you collect and categorise anything you desire.

Sharing on Pinterest is done through pinning. You can share items that have already been posted on Pinterest by other members. 80% of pins fall into this category. This is called re-pinning. You can also post new items from any website by using the Pin It button. However, many websites do not yet have a Pin It button installed. I recommend installing a Pin It plugin for your internet browser that will let you share pinnable images from any website, including those that do not have a Pin It button yet.

The boards can be easily updated from your smartphone, tablet or PC. So much more practical than pinning little bits of paper on a board! You can carry your pinboards with you on your smartphone wherever you go.

Pinterest : Pinboards Are Going Social | Born To Be Social

Example: BornToBeSocial Pinterest page

Pinterest: your daily source of inspiration

Pinterest is an inspirational search engine and can quickly become addictive because of its strong visual aspect!

The most popular categories on Pinterest are fashion, home decoration, food, art and craft, weddings and travel. Items from these categories are visually pleasing and in the early days of Pinterest, these were the images that American users, who very quickly adopted this new network, naturally started sharing. It is extremely easy to get started:

  • create your own account on

  • follow people who share your areas of interest

  • or just follow individual boards that contain images and information that you like

  • once you are following a board or a person, new images posted on the boards will automatically appear in your Pinterest feed

  • pin and repin images or videos, that inspire you and make your own boards a source of inspiration for others

There are endless decoration, fashion and food ideas to look at. Techniques are explained, education methods and teaching materials are shared. There are images linking you to knitting patterns, to videos on how to change a tyre, to poster collections, business articles, to almost anything you can possibly think of!

As you can gather from the website, I too, have fallen under the Pinterest spell. If it remains a mystery to you, take a look at this short animation by Orange. You can also subscribe to my updates since I will be sharing lots more Pinterest information and tips with you in future blog posts.

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