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X-Why market your business on Pinterest? – old

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Pinterest is a massive visual search engine centred on interests. Whilst searching on Google is mainly done through words, searching on Pinterest is a very different experience: it's visual.

How does it work?

People use it to look for ideas & tips, build collections, to record their projects, to display their future purchase intentions, to dream and even to shop!  Pinners share and collect images (‘pins’) to their heart’s content. The beauty of Pinterest is that the shared images can also contain links. That is how well-designed images drive traffic to websites when people click on them!

But that's not all...

  • 80% of pins are re-pins, so the probability that your pinned images will be shared is extremely high.
  • On average a pin is shared at least 3 times and generates 4 clicks (often much more!).  Any business that regularly pins images from their website onto Pinterest can expect to significantly increase referral traffic.
  • A pin lives on for months, even years, compared to just a few minutes or hours on Twitter or Facebook.  Pinterest continues to drive traffic back to your website long after posting a pin.
  • 75% of pins saved on Pinterest come from businesses
  • According to industry analysts, Pinterest has the potential to drive more sales than Facebook.

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Want to know how to get started?

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